19 DecFactors that influence physical fitness

Factors that influence physical fitness


There are many factors that influence a person’s Physical fitness. The first thing that comes to mind with most people is physical activity and nutrition. But, there are other things that affect physical activity. Some are your age, maturation, heredity, environment, and other lifestyles. All of these have to do with how much physical activity you need to do and what kinds of physical activity you should do.

One of the big factors that no one really thinks about is maturation. Maturation means physically mature or fully grown. People who mature faster tend to do better on physical fitness tests. In young adults maturation starts because of hormones. These hormones help the development of muscles and bones.

Another factor is your age. Your age has to do with how much physical activity you need. Older teens usually do better than younger teens because their bodies have had time to mature.

There is also heredity. The factor heredity plays in the role of determining what physical characteristics you inherited from your parents. Some physical characteristics are that you may have more muscle fibers then other or some people may have more fat cells then others. Heredity will also affect what parts of fitness you are good at and are not so good at.

Environment is a factor that can have a big impact on your physical fitness. Environment has to do with where you live (country, city, suburbs), were you go to school (does your school a have a good health program and physical activity program?), and what kind of friends and family you have (does your family eat healthy? Does your family get enough exercise or physical activity?)

These are some factors of physical fitness I hope you learned something. I also hope you remember what you have learned.

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